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Better cooling ability Low operating noise
Superior standard configuration Superior service accessibility
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Due to its advanced cooling system, the containerized generator set ensures 100% power at 40。C at an altitude of 1000 meters. This makes the generators ideally suited for use in extreme temperatures and high altitudes, lowering the risk of shutdowns.
The container's inner side air inlet and outlet are covered by sound insulting material and applies an exhaust silencer and rippled flex tube. This ensures an ultra-silent operation and the optimum choice for noise sensitive areas.
The standard protection systems and accessories ensure the containerized generator set can run in extreme and difficult conditions.
The radiator, engine and alternator is installed on a steel inner bottom platform. Dual side access doors with a flexible rubber strip edge seal and supplied service tools make for effortless maintenance and service. The stainless steel hinges offer increased longevity.


We have compelling reasons to provide you with KIPOR emergency standby generators and we have more reasons to provide KIPOR prime and continuous power generators for those who need the power but can't find the right power equipment.

Silent generators with standard or optional configurations will meet any of your output needs. These quiet generator sets will guarantee a reliable power supply in factories, ports, field operations andcommercial buildings.

Generator set  
Rated frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Prime power                                                         50 Hz: 900 kW (1125 kVA) 60 Hz: 1040 kW (1300 kVA)
Standby power 50 Hz: 1000 kW (1250 kVA) 60 Hz: 1150 kW (1440 kVA)
Rated voltage 400/230 V or 416/240 V
Rated rotation speed 1500 r/min or 1800 r/min
Engine manufacturer KIPOR
Engine type KD8V171ZLCR
Structure type 8-cylinder, V-type, 90 degrees, water-cooled, 4-stroke,
turbocharging, water-air intercooled
Bore x stroke 171 x 210 mm
Displacement 38.58 L
Compression ratio 15.5:1