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Improved output performance Improved motor starting performance
Increased protection
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Improved overload performance
When more than 110% of the rated load is added to traditional AVR generators, they may produce lower frequency, the engine may not perform smoothly and may even stop.
KIPOR e-AVR Generators will keep the frequency at a constant level. In cases where the load increases output voltage will start to drop and current will start to rise, and the output power will be kept at 110% of the rated power.
Improved load capacitive ability
When capacitive loads are increasing, excitation winding voltage will keep rising on a common AVR genset. The AVR & excitation winding may be burnt out or easily damaged. But KIPOR e-AVR generator have over voltage protections of excitation winding to protect them.
Improved output performance
An e-AVR Generator uses a microcomputer to precisely control output voltage and frequency. This provides high quality stable electricity.
Improved motor starting performance
KIPOR e-AVR generators are able to start motors under no load condition with 100% of Pn load.
Increased protection
e-AVR Generator has a self protection function as standard feature. This will protect it from damage if the generator has a short circuit. Typically on a common AVR a short circuit will damage the generator.


The e-AVR technology provides digital adjustments for regulating the generator parameters. KIPOR e-AVR generator set has over voltage protections of excitation winding to protect them. The improved high efficient engine produces high quality power with excellent fuel efficiency. The emission and noise are greatly reduced through advanced technology.

The e-AVR Series Generator not only has open frame type but also has silent type with an enclosure. Both gasoline generator and diesel generator are optional, meeting your versatile needs, no matter at home or at worksite. The compact structure is easy and simple for you to use.

Rated frequency 50HZ 60HZ
Prime power 5.5KVA  6.3KVA 
Standby power 6KVA     7KVA
Rated voltage 400/230V 416/240V
Rated rotation speed 3000r/min 3600r/min
Engine type KM186FAGET-2
Structure type Single cylinder, in-line,
4-stroke, air cooled, direct-injection
Bore x stroke 86 x 72mm
Displacement 418mL
Starter system 12V Electric system