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More profit Less overall cost
Less installation cost Optimum control concept
Flexible usage
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More Profit
Kipor genset is highly efficient thanks to its optimized inlet duct, combustion chamber and spark plugs. Save as much as 15% per annum on fuel costs and increase your plant's profitability.
Less overall cost
With its optimized engine components, the Kipor genset saves more lubricating oil than other similar gensets. In terms of efficiency that means long-term savings.
Less installation cost
With its smaller dimension, the Kipor genset optimally utilizes space meaning reduced installation costs.
Optimum control concept
The engine control unit (ECU) controls not just the engine but the entire system. Temperature monitoring for each cylinder and anti-clock control ensure the best possible utilization of fuel and maximum power output even if the gas quality fluctuates.
Flexible usage
The lastest technology such as Woodward controls and altronic ignition system allows you to use a wide variety of gasses. Even the most problematic gasses such as oil field gas can be used without difficulty.


KIPOR Gas Generator Set is widely applied in many situations such as biogas, natural gas, landfill gas, coal mine methane generating and so on. We can provide open-frame, containerized and cogeneration system.

Engine type                                  K512-N
Power 1123 kW
Rotation speed 1500 rpm
Structure V90°
Cylinder No. 12
Bore 171 mm
Stroke 210 mm
Compression ratio 13.5
Displacement 57.87 L
Mean effective pressure 1.55 MPa
Gas consumption rate 8.78 MJ/kW·h
Lube oil consumption rate 0.35 g/kW·h
Manufacturer KIPOR
Generator type KFS 1500
Generator set  
Length 4545 mm
Width 1795 mm
Height 2465 mm
Net weight 10650 kg
Energy balance  
Electrical power 1056 kW
Jacket water heat 423 kW
Inter-cooling water heat 124 kW
Outlet temperature of jacket water 84 / 92 ℃
Heat (exhaust cooled to 120℃) 574 kW
Exhaust temperature ~500 ℃
Electrical efficiency 41%
Heat efficiency 43.5%
Total efficiency 84.5%