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Low running noise Digital control panel
Advanced alternator winding Low oil alarm system
Application of new AVR Strong power
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KIPOR's newly-developed single cylinder engine can be introduced with excellent low speed torque to the structure of gensets, not adding the overall dimension of the gensets; the application of KT5 and KT6 alternators enhances the generating efficiency.
Thanks to persistent research and development of KIPOR's technical departments, gensets' noise level at no load is decreased to only 65dB(A)/m, which has already been impressive progress for noise reduction.
AVR, air filter and fuel filter are all designed with individual access panels, so that component replacement can be done without dismounting the genset cabinet.
KP310V1.0 digital controller can make RS232 serial communication with the master machine, realizing starting and stopping gensets and displaying real-time running data through the master machine.


KIPOR always develops products from the customer's point of view. To facilitate operation, KIPOR equips its generator with a user-friendly control panel as well as provisions of a KIPOR automatic transfer switch. The new series of generator sets feature the following benefits:

The digital control panel can be applied to dual voltage, single phase and three phase generator sets. When utility power fails, a KIPOR automatic transfer switch senses the loss of power and immediately starts the generator. Once utility power is restored, the transfer switch shifts your electric load back to utility power and shuts off the generator.

The automatic transfer switch exercises the generator weekly to ensure it is always in working order, and it can be mounted inside the generator or attached as an optional accessory. Most generators in this series are equipped with brushless alternators which establish stable voltage in a minimum amount of time. The generator set maintains smooth and quality output.

Generator set  
Rated frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Prime power 50 Hz: 4.2 kW (4.2 kVA) 60 Hz: 4.6 kW (4.6 kVA)
Standby power                                                       50 Hz: 4.6 kW (4.6 kVA) 60 Hz: 5 kW (5 kVA)
Rated voltage 115/230 V or 120/240 V
Engine type KM186FAGET
Displacement 0.418 L
Starter system 12V Electric system
Noise level(7m) 66 dB(A)
Fuel tank capacity 15 L
Overall dimensions 870 x 645 x 710 mm
Net weight 175 kg