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Improved output performance Reputable PMG alternator
Environmental friendly package Reliable engine
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Achieve higher load capacity by using Constant Output function. Enhance reliability by using new microprocessor which equipped with e-AVR Technology.
Offer enhanced motor starting and fault clearing short-circuit capability.
Maximum reliability and stringent quality, respond rapidly to load fluctuations and provide stable and sufficient power at all times.
Adopt split design of input panel to greatly improve safety, and integral silent design to reduce noise.
The four valve power pack specially designed with an integrate water cooled engine, built to deliver the reliable and dependable power.


The KIPOR Rental Generator is designed to work in tough environmental conditions and stands out for its versatility, standardization and innovation. It contains equipment built with high structural resistance which can function on any surface. They can be used in sectors such as agriculture, construction, civil works and mining.

Whether you need a single generator or an intricate power network, you are assured of having the right power product for the job along with dedicated professionals to keep things running smoothly.

KIPOR generators are quiet, clean and easy to maneuver on location. Color coded plug-and-play connections make hookup foolproof. Rugger weatherproof sound deadened housings withstand wear and tear and ensure a comfortable working environment.

Generator set                             
Rated frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz          
Prime power 50 Hz: 13.5 kW(17 kVA) 60 Hz: 16 kW(20 kVA)
Standby power        50 Hz: 14.8 kW(18.5 kVA) 60 Hz: 17.5 kW(22 kVA)
Rated voltage 400/230 V or 416/240 V
Rated current     24.4 A or 27.8 A
Rated rotation speed 1500 r/min or 1800 r/min
Engine type KD488G
Structure  4-cylinder, in-lined, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct-injected
Borexstroke 88 x 90 mm
Displacement 2.19 L
Compression ratio 18.2:1
Lube oil brand Above CD SAE 10W-30, 15W-40
Lube capacity 8.5 L
Generator model KFS20
Pole No. 4
Excitation mode Brushless self-excitation and constant voltage(with AVR)
Power factor COSΦ = 0.8(lag)
Insulation grade H
Noise level(1m) 63 dB(A)
Fuel tank capacity 70 L
Overall dimensions 1540 x 700 x 950 mm
Net weight 810 kg