• Marine Engine (with Gear Box)


Performance and Characteristics More flexible and convenient operation
Hydraulic shifting system Reliable and durable marine gearbox
Cone type clutch shifting system
  • Features
  • Specifications

Convenient transmission shaft installation design

Outlet flange is at a downward 7°angle,convenient for installation and meeting the propeller requirements.

More flexible and convenient operation

There are three gears: forward, neutral, and reverse. Gear selection is fast and easy

Cone type clutch shifting system

The cone face contacts incrementally until the torque transition is made smoothly.

Reliable and durable marine gear box

Corrosion resistant material, heat treatment, machining of different working surfaces and precision gear design fully ensure the reliability and durability of the gearbox.


The marine engine (with gearbox) is adapted from Kipor’s marine product design series. The oil consumption, noise and emissions are low and reliability is high. The gearbox series, KDMD11, KDMD21 and KDMD28: the inside gears mesh utilizing a cone clutch making for a more stable operation and avoiding friction wear.. The gears are made of high strength alloys for a long service life.

KDMD100 and KDMD300 gearboxes use a hydraulic shifting system which is quiet and free of vibrations. The gearbox is cooled with fresh and sea water ensuring effective and reliable operation. The output axis flange is inclined 7°and facilitates installation. There are 3 gears (forward, neutral and reverse).

The engine can be installed in virtually any hull location featuring inside axis propulsion while providing convenient installation and maintenance.

Type                                                 4 cylinder, in-lined, water-cooled, 4 stroke, direct injection, turbocharged, inter-cooled
Bore×stroke 114 × 125 mm
Displacement 5.1 L
Compression ratio 17.3
Rated power/Rated rotation speed 105/2000 kW/rpm
Minimum adjustable no load rotation speed ≤800 r/min
Starter system Electric starter
Lubrication system Pressure splashed
Fuel specification No.0, -10, -20
Fuel consumption rate/Rated rotation speed 230 g/(kW.h)/r/min
Lube oil specification CD or SAE 10W-30; 15W-40
Lube oil capacity 20 L
Cooling water capacity 9.2 L
Dimensions 1135 × 900 ×835 mm
Net weight 450 kg
Gearbox model KDMD300
Reduction ratio Forward gear 2.43  Reverse 2.43
Propeller rotation speed Forward 823 RPM  Reverse823 RPM
Shifting system Hydraulic pressure
Cooling system Water-cooled
Lube oil capacity 2 L
Net weight 45 kg