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Warning system Multi
Reliable sea water pump Auto stop
Multi-tube heat exchanger Oil filter
Oil-water separator Wet exhaust manifold with fresh water cooling effect
Four valves per cylinder design
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Overhead camshaft

The camshaft design reduces the engine weight and improves rigidity through the one gap bridge valve.

Four valves per cylinder design

Two intake and two exhaust valves improve the intake and exhaust performance and efficiency. The maximum lift of the valve is reduced, improving the power performance of the valve system.

Charge air intercooling system

The diesel engine intake density is improved by adopting a charge air intercooler. Diesel engine output power and economy have been greatly improved without increasing heat load. NOx emissions are effectively reduced.

Integrated design of the exhaust manifold and heat exchanger

The integrated design of the exhaust manifold and heat exchanger places the exhaust manifold in a cavity surrounded by water. Outside circulating water lowers the exhaust gas temperature. The cooling effect is better and the noise is lower. The heat exchanger replaces a radiator tank and cooling fan to make the structure more compact.


Kipor uses an advanced emulation technology. Simulation analysis is conducted and an optimal design based on engine performance is established. Many systems such as intake, exhaust, and cooling make the performance and reliability excellent. The engine features four valves per cylinder, an overhead camshaft, turbocharging and inter-cooling. These make the engine stable in operation, lower in noise, higher in power and better in economy. The self-developed electronic speed regulator and common rail fuel system technology meet the Europe II Emission Standard, becoming a truly “Green Engine”. Power per liter and a specific weight and emission index are leading the field. They are the best choice of driving power for construction machinery, marine vessels and generators.

Type                                                 4 cylinder, in-lined, water-cooled, 4 stroke, direct injection, turbocharged, intercooled
Bore×stroke 114 × 125 mm  
Displacement 5.1 L
Compression ratio 17.3
Rated power/Rated rotation speed 80/1500 , 93.5/1800, 105/2000 kW/r/min
Overload power/Overload rotation speed
88/1500, 103/1800
115.5/2000, 88/1545
103/1854, 115.5/2600 kW/r/min
Minimum full load continuous rotation speed ≤45% of rated rotation speed
Minimum adjustable no load rotation speed ≤800 r/min
Lubrication system Pressure splashed
Rotation direction (facing flywheel) Anticlockwise
Fuel specification No.0, -10, -20
Fuel consumption rate 230 g/(kW.h)/ r/min
Lube oil specification CD or SAE 10W-30、15W-40
Lube oil capacity 20 L
Oil consumption rate ≤1.7 g/(kW.h)  
Dimensions 1135 × 900 × 835 mm
Net weight 450 kg