• Marine Generator


Simple and unique structure Independent two-channel water cooling system
High quality power output Silent technology
Remote control function Centralized control
Safety and reliability
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Simple and Unique Structure
The simple and compact design makes it can be installed on any place in a ship. Unique design of the enclosed sound reproduction hood lowers the noise and makes the maintenance and installation easier.
Independent Two-channel Water Cooling System

The highly effective fresh water and sea water cooling system ensures the temperature inside the sound-proof housing and the cooling effect of generators, which makes them to work better in the tough environment.
High quality power output
The AVR has low speed protection and electronic interference proof functions, automatically adjusts the voltage and controls the voltage fluctuation.
Centralized control
Provide complete service of centralized control system to solve power issues, such as digital control panels, automatic fuel adding system and so on.
Silent technology
Kipor owns its unique noise reduction technology and some of its products can realize that the the noise seven meters away is 51 decibel.
Safety and reliability
Provide low oil pressure, high water temperature, over voltage, undervoltage, overload and etc. protection functions.


KIPOR marine generator is the flagship product of KIPOR company, which takes up a big share in the global market. KIPOR insists on its technological innovation and continuously inputs new ideas and elements into R&D and production so as to meet needs of various industries in different markets. Besides, it ensures that products always keep pace with the times and lead the fashion. Every newly-launched product is the result of the wisdom and hard work of people in KIPOR.

Generator set  
Rated frequency                                              50 Hz or 60 Hz
Prime power 50 Hz: 8.5 kW (8.5 kVA) 60 Hz: 10.5 kW (10.5 kVA)
Standby power 50 Hz: 9.5 kW (9.5 kVA) 60 Hz: 11.5 kW (11.5 kVA)
Overall dimension 1150 x 620 x 750 mm
Net weight 400 kg
Manufacturer KIPOR
Model KF11M
Pole no. 4
Excitation mode Brushless self-excitation and constant voltage (with AVR)
Power factor COSΦ = 1.0 
Insulation grade H
Manufacturer KIPOR
Model KD388M
Cylinder structure type 3-cylinder, in-lined, 4-stroke, direct injection, water cooled
Bore x stroke 88 x 90 mm
Displacement 1.642 L
Rated rotation speed 1500 r/min or 1800 r/min