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KNOX, is created to meet our customers' needs for more specialized and sophisticated power products and systems.


KNOX aims to establish a more flexible, customized product supplying system, and thus to provide solutions to demands of comprehensive and customized power systems from customers across all industries such as trucking and auto carrier industry, water carrier industry and other industries with special power needs and demands. KNOX carries three main product lines, named as KX series, KS series, and portable light tower series. Those products have a vast power range from 5 kW to 750 kW, the availability of this vast power range aiming to satisfy differentiated business needs of our customers.


For years, we've been focusing on the unique needs of generating set customers around the world. These needs combined with the latest technology has driven the product line we offer today.


Thanks to the high quality, good durability products and reliable technology, reliability of the KNOX integrated power solutions are greatly enhanced. The optimized engine performance and high-precision post-treatment guarantee a cost-benefit solution. Our complete systematic solutions would bring you the best efficiency, reliability and maintenance services.


High efficiency, low emission, KNOX will always commits to providing complete power solutions according to each customer's requirements. KNOX, the professional power solution supplier who understands customers.