• Multiple-cylinder Engine


Easy assembly and dissembly Simple structure, small size, and light weight
Ideal equipping power for gen sets, construction machinery, vessels, agricultural machinery, and so on Excellent, stable, reliable, and durable performance to meet various customers’ demands
Four-stroke, water-cooling, four-cylinder, diesel engines
  • Features
  • Specifications

Direct injection , low emission combustion.

Integral cylinder block without thin-wall liner.

Flywheel housing are excellent apply to industry,agricultural and marine use.

Integral cylinder head;big volumn water chamber in the cylinder head.

Non symmetric crank pully.

Woodward electronic fuel cut system.

Adjustable fuel supply advance angel.

Air Intake heater or fuel heater.

Pressure and splashing lubrication system;oil pump drived directly by crankshaft.

Adjustable thermostat.


Engine is the flagship product of KIPOR. Today there are three series engines general-purpose gasoline engine, general-purpose diesel engine and multi-cylinder diesel engine. Those engines are not only equipped to KIPOR generator sets, but also directly sold to global market. Since the future emission standard demands, KIPOR continues the improvement for the fuel and engine structures to reduce the impact on environment. Today, most of KIPOR can meet EPA standard. “Green Engine” is the target of KIPOR.Due to the requirements of climate protection and environmental protection, which have continually increased in recent years, the industry has now intensified the focus of its research and development divisions on making these engines not only more efficient, but also cleaner. Thus, clean air and the preservation of natural resources have become important objectives of our development work. The challenge is to be able to bring competitive products onto the market, while paying particular attention to the technical and economic framework conditions.

Model KD498
Type Four-cylinder, in-lined, water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection
Bore×Stroke 98 × 111 mm
Displacement 3.349 L
Compression ratio 18.5:1
Rated power/ Rated speed     (kw/r/min)                               
30.5 kW/1500 r/min, 36.5 kW/1800 r/min, 40.5 kW/2200 r/min
43.5 kW/2400 r/min, 45 kW/2600 r/min
Lowest rotation speed at zero load  ≤1000 r/min
Lubricating system Pressure splashed
Starting system Electric starter
Rotation direction(face to the flywheel end) Anticlockwise
Fuel type 0#, -10#, -20# diesel
Fuel consumption/related rotation speed 215 g/kW.h/1500 r/min, 220 g/kW.h/1800 r/min,
220 g/kW.h/2200 r/min, 225 g/kW.h/2500 r/min
Lube oil type CD grade or SAE 10W-30, 15W-40
Lube oil capacity 11 L
Starting motor capacity 12 V 2.8 kW
Charging generator capacity 12 V 50 A
Battery capacity  12 V 120 Ah
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 727.5 x 528 x 900 mm
Dry weight 250 kg