We'll create a new chapter of high power diesel engine


Mr. Roehrl, global chief of Bosch Large Diesel Engine, and Mr. Franz, sales director of Bosch Fuel System in China, visited KIPOR on 12th July, 2016. Two parties discussed about the global promotion of KIPOR 171 Series high-speed high power high pressure common rail diesel engine, and made the further planning of two sides' strategic cooperation.




Mr. Roehrl was optimistic about the prospects of the international market of KIPOR 171 Series engine which range from 1 MW to 3 MW. Bosch's newest modular high-pressure common rail fuel injection system (MCRS) combined with KIPOR's patented engine control unit (ECU), KIPOR 171 Series engines now achieve leading position domestic and first-class level in the world in both performance and emission. Equipped with MCRS, the 171 Series engines have excellent load response characteristic, superior sudden loading capability, better fuel economy, lower noise, lower emission, higher reliability, and longer life. The 171 Series now meet Non- Road Stage III and higher standards, which is in leading place in China. 




Bosch is the pioneer and leader of the core technology of diesel engine - high pressure common rail fuel injection system, and Bosch is always leading technology trends in this area. This cooperation will vigorously promote the engine to the international market, to further enhance KIPOR's influence of the international market.