KIPOR Intelligent Low Concentration Gas Generating Set

Leading the Development of China's Gas Power Generation Industry



March 19th, 2016, 5 units of Kipor K512-LM low concentration gas gen-sets, total installed capacity reaches 5MW, were put into operation in Huainan Coal Mine. Kipor K5 series gas gen-sets offer wide adaptability to gas of different concentrations, high degree of automation, high reliability, comprehensive security protection, brings a brand-new experience for customers.



Wide Gas Adaptability, Stable Power Operation
K5 series gas generating set is the first gas gen-set developed by Kipor which apply for both high and low concentration gas. This series can operate stably under the condition of low gas concentration and large fluctuation of gas pressure. The gen-set can be adapt to gas of 8% - 50% methane concentration, which breaks technical barriers of low concentration and high concentration gen-sets that low unit work from 8% to 25%, high unit work above 25%. This machine achieves the goal "one machine, multi-purpose, one for high and low concentration", saves a large invest for customers.



High Power Density, High Efficiency
Engine, alternator, control system, the core parts of K5 series gas gen-sets are all developed by Kipor. The V12 engine uses 1500 rpm design, which reaches high power density and also effectively reduces the size and weight. Generating efficiency, average effective pressure, power per liter, power weight ratio, these main indicators have reached the same level of international well-known brands.



Intelligent Control System, Based on Internet
KPEM gen-set control system is specially designed for gas generating set. This system enables "One Key to Start" for the machine, and truly achieves long-term automatic reliable operation, unattended operation, and intelligent management. Unstable gas concentration and unsteady oxygen content, to cope with it, we developed a special closed loop control system which based on the dynamic correction of the gas. This system has multiple functions such as centralized monitoring, remote monitoring, GPRS wireless network control , grid connection, gas control, auxiliary monitoring, knock monitoring and fire monitoring. The most unique feature is that we developed the gen-set information management system which based on Internet. Through this, you can easily monitor the operation status with your mobile phone. We let you "get everything in hand".




Energy Saving Cost Recovering Tool
Huainan Coal Mine Group has established the largest gas utilization system in China, which introduces a variety of domestic and foreign brands of gas generating sets. The power these machine supply is near 400 million kw/h per year. The gas power station of Huainan Coal Mine is put into operation and managed by Huainan Coal Mine Gas Utilization Branch. The power plant provides electricity for group company and the mining areas. The company obtain 0.75 yuan for each kw/h the power plant generates. As one member of the gen-set group that offers gas generating set for Huainan Coal Mine, Kipor gen-sets have the advantages of advanced technology, high degree of automation, low fuel and oil consumption, and low operation cost, which are highly recognized by the user. As of July 26th, 2016, total power generated by these 5 units of K512-LM has reached about 8 million kw/h, which makes income of nearly 6 million yuan.


Environmental Protection
These gen-sets consumes 9 million cubic meters of gas per year, equivalent to about 216 million cubic meters of carbon dioxide reduction, saving 11300 tons of standard coal. At the same time, the emission of K5 series is clean, CO, HC and NOx emission has meet German Ta-Luft air quality standards.
For ten years, Kipor always continues the exploration in the field of gas power generating. Now, Kipor has successfully developed the series large power gas generating sets of 1MW, 1.5MW, 2MW. These gen-sets can apply for natural gas, low and high concentration gas, biogas, landfill gas, oil field wellhead gas and other gases. These engines use advanced combustion and control technology, and all been verification tested for over 10 thousands hours. The reliability and performance have obtained all customers' praise.