15 Units of Kipor High-Voltage Gensets Booster Xinjiang Qiya

15 units of KDE3100EH3 - Kipor high-voltage gensets located in Xinjiang - successfully passed the acceptance test recently. Kipor high-voltage genset, with its high reliability, outstanding performance, will provide a strong guarantee for the Xinjiang development strategy.



Xinjiang Qiya Electrolytic Aluminum Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Sichuan Qiya Aluminum Group, registered capital of 3.5 billion yuan. The company had an initial investment of 11.8 billion yuan in Xinjiang, which builds an aluminum alloy project of 800,000 tons. Kipor was selected as the black start power supplier after a comprehensive comparison.



From this time, these 15 gensets will be fully responsible for the black start task of the sub local power grid. This project, from the design, manufacture, transportation to site installation and commissioning, was backed by Kipor's high quality solution and professional service team.



After the test, these gensets have officially come into service. High quality, high reliability and reliable maintenance services, Kipor always provides customers with worry-free solutions.