KIPOR High-Voltage Diesel Gensets Successfully Passed the Test in Shanxi Jiafeng Data Center

Nov. 24, 2016, 5 sets of high-voltage diesel gensets, supplied by Kipor, successfully passed the on-site load test in cloud data center project of Shanxi Jiafeng of China Unicom. For this test, each machine has been test 1 hour for performance, 2 hours for 100% load, 1 hour for 110% load. And all the gensets have reached customer's requirements.



Kipor high-voltage diesel gensets are equipped with self-developed V171 heavy-duty high-speed diesel engine. New high-pressure common rail system offered by Bosch and other parts supplied by world-famous brand together with advanced structure design and combustion theory, the engine is small in size, high in power density, and also has features such as high efficiency, low operation cost, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, long maintenance interval and high automation.



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