More Close to Customer Needs, More Accurate Market Positioning. KIPOR, the 121th Canton Fair

“More close to customer needs, more accurate market positioning.” April 15th, Kipor, with its tow brands – KIPOR and KNOX, gave the show on the 121th Canton Fair.






Da Jiaxiang, Deputy Director of Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, came to KIPOR booth for research in the morning at launch day. Xiao Dan, General Manager of KIPOR gave the introduction of the KIPOR multi brand strategy and the products shown on the fair.




KIPOR place great value on technology innovations. We are always dedicated to developing new technologies. KIPOR has developed and applied innovative technologies to increase efficiency and make our products truly environment friendly. On this fair, KIPOR brought inverter gensets, high-speed diesel gensets and large power gensets. KIPOR always provides our customers with a seamless, high efficiency and value-added solution. KNOX, the latest brand of KIPOR, is created to meet our customers’ needs for more specialized and sophisticated power products and systems. KNOX carries three main product lines, named as KX series, KS series, and portable light tower series. Those products have a vast power range from 5kVA to 1625kVA, the availability of this vast power range aiming to satisfy differentiated business needs of our customers.





In an interview with Phoenix TV reporter, KNOX business director Wu Jun said, "The traditional manufacturing industry is in the process of change, KIPOR is doing what to get more close to the customer in this transformation, to help customers to meet the needs of common benefit."




Canton Fair is in progress, KIPOR is here waiting for you.