KIPOR Appears in Hannover Messe with New Products

Hannover Messe opened on April 24, 2017 in Hanover, Germany. Hannover Messe, initiated in 1947, has become the industry exhibition with the largest scale in the world and the window of observing new technical revolution and industrial revolution. This exhibition took “Integrated Industry – Creation of Value” as the theme. Centering on fields including industrial digitization, movement, driving automation and machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart material and new energy and taking “integration” as the core, depth and breadth of integration were constantly broadened.



Energy digitization is an important constituent part of Industry 4.0. Energy management realizes transformation from centralized energy supply to modern and high-efficient renewable energy sources and distributed generation through digitization. KIPOR brought its high-power fuel gas combined heat and power generation product, the key product of distributed energy resource to the energy hall, competing with renowned companies in the world including MTU, Bosch and Vaillant of Germany. On the first day of exhibition, KIPOR was paid close attention to by peers and clients.




Aleksander from Russia runs a famous generator set assembling company in Russia. He showed great interest in high-power gas power generation product of KIPOR and said that KIPOR’s gas engines have advanced technology, high efficiency, reliable performance and exhaust gas emission meeting Ta-luft air quality standards of Germany, adopt control technology based on Internet of Things, engine technology synchronous with international famous brands and reliable components and parts and have wide application areas including renewable energy source gases such as marsh gas, landfill gas, gas, oil field gas and others. After in-depth negotiation, the client decided to cooperate with KIPOR. In addition, clients from Iran and Ukraine also showed cooperative intentions after understanding gas electric power generation products of KIPOR.






In the Hannover Messe, KIPOR showed its physical model of 2MW container-type gas generator set and project sand table of 10MW gas power station, which were favored by many professional clients with professional technology sample and on-site explanation. Ding Shicai, Vice President of KIPOR and Chief Engineer of the gas power generation product, said that Hannover Messe was the highest stage of the industrial manufacturing industry, and receiving acceptance here indicated that the gas power generation product of KIPOR had entered the frontier domain in the industry.