KIPOR Diesel Genset, Escort for Data Center

The CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) Karamay Digital Network Control Center is one of the 4 largest data centers of CNPC which adopts T4 standard, the highest grade of international machine room. It has 18 IT modules in total, can contain 2,543 equipment cabinets and has the ability of depositing 20,000 servers.

The data center, namely the CNPC Cloud Computing Center, the data storage center, the network control center and the technical support center of CNPC in Xinjiang, as well as the data processing center, the information resource management center, the application support center and the information safety guarantee center of Xinjiang Oil Field Company, is located in the new administrative district of Karamay. The center will provide safe, reliable, high-efficient and convenient information services for all enterprises of CNPC in Xinjiang, thus providing powerful support for future business development of our company.


Model KDE3500EH, with rated output 2200kw, features 10.5kv diesel high pressure paralleling system has been applied as diesel generation system in this data center. The KDE3500EH paralleling system of diesel high pressure generators of KIPOR with 2200kW and 10.5kV has been applied in the diesel generation system of this data center. In the first phase, 2 generator sets will be put into use, and in the final phase, the number will reach 10 (redundant backup way of 9 + 1). At present, 2 sets of the first phase have been in the stage of installation and trial running.