Another clean energy project well completed

Electric power generation project of megawatt-level marsh gas generating set of KIPOR passes acceptance check in the first branch of Hubei Zhongxiang Pasture.

  • The KC512-B high-power biogas generator set produced by Wuxi KIPOR was successfully installed and passed acceptance check in the first branch of Hubei Zhongxiang Pasture recently, indicating that KIPOR has stepped forward on exploration in the field of biomass power generation. The first branch of Hubei Zhongxiang Pasture is one of the modern pig breeding bases in Zhongxiang in Hubei, and is also the largest modern pig farm of monomer breeding in the world, with 160,000 pigs in total. It is necessary to conduct innocent treatment on pig feces and 1,700-ton rinse wastewater, which means produce biogas by medium temperature anaerobic fermentation with pig feces and rinse wastewater.


After pressure boost, desulfuration (H2S),dust-extracting and dehydration on biogas, we can use 2 KC512-B container-type biogas sets with single-machine capacity of 1MW of KIPOR to generate electricity. Electric power generated by sets will be preferentially supplied for equipment in the plant, and other power will be used for grid connection to improve regional power grid quality.





The project was successfully installed in the midmonth of July,2017. It is predicted that in the beginning of August, the project can be put into production for electric power generation. Annual operation hours of biogas electric generators of KIPOR can reach over 7,500. And the annual total generating capacity of 2 KC512-B biogas sets can be predicted to reach 14 million kilowatt hours, with annual yield of about RMB 9.1 million.

KIPOR KC512-B biogas sets, with excellent performance and reliable operation, adopt K5 seriesgasengine and KFS1800 series generators and control system. Especially for the characteristic of biogas with strong corrosivity, KIPOR has adopted a series of anti-corrosion design to guarantee that under the condition of higher sulfur content is higher, engines can run stably and reliably for a long time. Its main features are:

1. High reliability

Key parts of engines, such as bearing bush, sparking plug and cylinder head parts, adopt specially-customized imported products to guarantee reliability of engines.

2. High-end allocation

Important parts of engines, such as piston, sparking plug, booster, ignition module, gas inlet valve sets and actuator, adopt parts of world high-end brands, establishing the foundation of high reliability, high performance and high efficiency of KIPOR generators.

3. High rotate speed, small volume and high power density

KIPOR adopts high-speed engines (1,500r/min) and has world top-class indexes including power density and thermal efficiency, taking the lead in other homemade gas engines. The engines are compact in size, light and easy to install and carry.

4. Little gas consumption

Efficiency of biogas generators can reach 38 - 42%, compared with the similar domestic units, KIPOR can produce more electricity and bring more benefits.

5. Small engine oil consumption and low operation cost

K5 series gas generators have lubricating oil consumption of about 0.35g/kWh. The lubricating oil change cycle can reach 1,500 hours, significantly reducing running cost.

6. High generator degree of automation and high security

Button start without manual intervention. Automatically conducting grid connection, loading, lightening after artificial set. Automatically adjusting power of generators according to gas resources. Automatically stop for protection when having failure warning and send failure notice.

Various warning sensors including smoke alarm, gas leakage  alarm, fire detection and crankcase pressure alarm are installed in generators to conduct real-time detection on all conditions of engines, thus completing advanced precaution and warning and guaranteeing high-efficient operation.

Recently, the state environmental protection department has formally approved the environmental technology of comprehensively utilizing pig waste. This means that, with the formulation and issuance of the detailed implementing rules, the aquaculture industry in the whole country will fully promote pig waste recycling circulating aquaculture environmental protection technology. And the biogas power generation industry in China will usher in a new development opportunity. KIPOR will grasp the opportunity to stick to the road of innovation and development, to provide customers with high-quality power products and create more value for the society.