On-load test of KIPOR generators in China Mobile Zhengzhou Branch ends successfully

On-load test of KIPOR generators in core machine room of China Mobile Zhengzhou Branch ends successfully, won clients’recognition again.

As electrical load increases dramatically, power source dilatation engineering of hub building core machine room of China Mobile Zhengzhou Branch has no time to delay. In this project of extension and renovation, KIPOR provided a full set of power solutions for China Mobile Zhengzhou Branch and integrated services of the whole process including generator overall plan design, plan selection and demonstration, product manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning and training to delivery.

The project eventually selected 4 KDE2350e3-TX (with single-machine power of 1800KW) container-type generators with excellent performances of KIPOR as backup power. The model adopts the self-developed KD16V171ZLCR engine of KIPOR, is equipped with the most advanced high pressure common rail fuel injection system of Bosch from Germany, has excellent transient load performance (meeting GB2820.3 G3 standards), has high reliability, low noise and low fuel consumption, and meets the National III emission standards.



In order to complete as soon as possible and not affect use of users, on July 30, 2017, our installation personnel and debugging engineers rushed to the site of the project in severe heat of over 40 degree centigrade on schedule to conduct final debugging on generators.




At 5:00 p.m., 4 1800KW container-type generators passed acceptance check comprehensively, indicating successful end of on-load test of container-type generators of KIPOR. China Mobile Zhengzhou Branch greatly praised terrific on-load performance and high-efficient on-site technical service of our engines. KIPOR generators won clients' trust and acceptance again with stable and excellent performance.



As an original equipment manufacturer of 3 core parts including engine, alternator and control system, KIPOR can not only give customized and professionally-designed power solutions according to the requirements of customers, but also meet service needs of the customers in full range, including product design, product manufacturing, field installation and debugging, later operation management, training and spare parts management and other whole life cycle management, allowing you to focus on core business and solving your trouble back at home.