KIPOR creates achievement in nuclear power field

Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in Lianyungang, Jiangsu is one of the key projects started during the ninth Five-Year plan of China and is the largest technical economy cooperative project between China and Russia so far. Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant realized many technological improvements in project construction. And its safety design has been close to or reached the international third generation of nuclear power plant level.


KIPOR provides the KDE250SD3 nuclear silent rain-proof generators for the BDBA control system power mobile diesel generator project of the 3rd and 4th sets of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant. The technical implementation standard of the generators is the Russian Federation generators and mobile power station of national standard. The generators passed 25 tests including 24-hour running test, fire control system test, rain test, slant operation test, shock test (Level 8 seismic requirement of Shanghai Tongji University). The 25 rigorous tests exactly reflect the high quality of KIPOR generators.



Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant was delivered at the end of June, 2017. And the 3rd nuclear generator control area of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant was accepted for inspection on July 28. The project was another nuclear power application following Pakistan Nuclear Power Plant. With abundant operation experience, successful business accumulation and efficient supply system, KIPOR has made a great success in the field of nuclear power.