Live report of exhibition | President of KIPOR Group Xiao Henglin appears in the exhibition

On October 16, the 122nd Autumn Canton Fair was in progress vigorously and the exhibition stand of KIPOR still attracted many people. President of KIPOR Group Xiao Henglin appeared in the exhibition, fully communicated with many clients and sales personnel and greatly affirmed exhibition stand arrangement, product show and spirit of sales personnel.




KIPOR looks to further increase on the future with new products
In this Canton Fair, products brought by KIPOR have many features including energy conservation and environment protection, intelligent control, efficiently silence and security and reliability. It is observed that KIPOR has actively responded to the theme of being green in product research and helped booming development of the company with intelligent manufacturing in progression.


In the future, KIPOR will continue to strengthen integrated service ability and overall strength of the enterprise through integration of some channels and help development in fields including microgrid and distributed energy resource. In addition, KIPOR will also provide informationized and intellectual technology through Internet of Things, give play to scientific and technological innovation advantages and create strong brand image on the base of meeting customer need. At present, KIPOR Research Institute completely has the ability of providing powerful technical support for KIPOR to give complete support to intelligentized development of KIPOR products. 




Looking for the truth, dealing with concrete issues and blazing new trails ceaselessly
President Xiao mentioned in the Canton Fair that KIPOR is an enterprise blazing new trails constantly. To KIPOR in the future, numerous things can be done through scientific and technological innovation. Every employee of KIPOR should struggle for scientific and technological innovation with assiduity by using everything which matters. With practical action and own advantage, employees of KIPOR should actively blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, optimistically treate industry market and hammer at turn innovation thinking into reality, being scientific and technological forerunners in the industry and leaders of the market.




Date of Exhibition: October 15 to October 19

Exhibition Stand: No 3.1 Stadium, A08-23,B24-25,C11-12

Exhibition Area: Power and electrical equipment exhibition area


We look forward to your arrival!