KIPOR Electrical Power System Provides Energy Safeguard for Wuxi Xishan People Hospital New Area

The overall power load level of large and medium-sized hospitals is first-class load, which means even short-time electric power supply outage will also be enormous threat to medical safety and scientific research activity, or cause medical accidents and bring irreparable loss to the hospital and patients. Power failure is sudden and strong. Guaranteeing the continuous power supply of hospitals is the important event of human life, and the stable operation of backup generator is the primary factor.


So comparing with use demand of buildings, hospital power supply must be persistent and silent. So we have more rigorous requirements on stable property, instant startup time, low emission, low noise and safety of diesel generator sets.


During construction project of Wuxi Xishan People’s Hospital New Area, as the bid-winner of backup power, KIPOR provided 2 diesel generator sets (KDE1500E) with separate remote cooling system as the hospital’s emergency power supply.






2 generator sets delivered by KIPOR adopt high-pressure common rail system of Bosch, not only improving economical efficiency and power performance of diesel, but also improving emission performance of diesel engines, completely meeting emission standard.




Currently, all diesel generator sets with high-pressure common rail system of KIPOR have met non-road National III Emission Standard. They have outstanding advantages including small volume, high power density, high efficiency, low operating cost, low fuel consumption, low emission and noise, long maintenance interval and high automation control degree.


KIPOR generator sets can perfectly meet demands of hospitals to equipment and have outstanding performance on other indexes, thus providing sustainable energy guarantee for the hospital. The successful implementation of the project will also help KIPOR march to the field of medical emergency power supply validly!