Live News of Dubai: KIPOR in 2018 Middle East Electricity (MEE)

From March 6 to March 8, 2018, one of the world top 5 industrial activities, the largest international exhibition of the electrical energy industry in the world & the 2018 Middle East (Dubai) International Power Exhibition was grandly held in Dubai, attracting thousands of excellent power enterprises in the world to take part in. Exhibits cover the whole power industry, including generator sets, electric transmission and transformation equipment and others. KIPOR, whose booth number was S3. B50, showed with some new products and technologies.



Through well-designed and well-arranged stage adopting enterprise standard color, KIPOR’s booth worked in concert with its product appearance, showing decent and concise design. There were corresponding product presentation beside every exhibit to help clients better know our products. In addition, except basic performances of every product, significance of new energy, innovative technology, science and technology and environmental protection was showed incisively and vividly.



Wuxi KIPOR Power Co., Ltd., established in 1998, has been always hammered at developing high-efficient and energy-saving engines and power equipment. The independently-developed KIPOR gas generator set made its first appearance in Dubai!

The gas generator set has the following advantages: 1. has generated output covering from 320kW to 1,650kW and adopts open-shelf or container-type arrangement to meet demands of vast clients; 2. has high power density, more compact structure, smaller size and more rational space usage; 3. applies EGS + TECJET gas control system to realize accurate fuel control and knocking monitoring system to guarantee optimal advance angle of ignition, which means generator set can still run efficiently with the best fuel availability.



Products showed this time attracted clients from many countries including Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Russia and Saudi Arabia. After knowing KIPOR in detail, they inquired specific information of our products and praised KIPOR’s whole industry chain and cutting-edge technology.

High-performance diesel generator sets, digital generator sets and distributed solutions were also exhibited.

High-performance diesel generator sets are new two-pole diesel generator sets of KIPOR with configuration conforming to environmental requirement. They are based on high performance, silence, low fuel consumption and speed change, and equipped with engine oil and cooling liquid emission extension tube to simplify regular maintenance. In addition, oil level indicator, oil filter, oil replenishment port, fuel filter, storage water tank, accumulator and air cleaner are all at the same side, gathering electrical specification, operability and maintenance.



The digital generator set IG2000I not only has remote control function, but also has improvement in power promotion. The new KDE19ST has more compact design and better mute effect.



Distributed solution and product recommendation obtained well exhibition effect. Many clients stopped to exchange on cooperation.



Features including stable performance, strong mechanical property, low loss and noise and high reliability let KIPOR products attract clients in the whole world and obtain high acceptance of clients. Successful exploitation can’t do without strong support of product quality and persistent efforts of staffs of KIPOR. In the whole exhibition, staffs of KIPOR answered clients with patience fervidly, letting clients know a better KIPOR and its products comprehensively.



This exhibition meant a lot to KIPOR. It not only let new products of KIPOR be promoted in the market ,manifested enterprise demeanor of KIPOR and enlarged international brand awareness, but also successfully let KIPOR, the national brand of China, to be famous. We believe that KIPOR will step on a better road!