312 Arbor Day︱Party Member Pioneers in KIPOR

To respond to the appeal of the Arbor Day, KIPOR carried out the party construction activity of “Party Member Pioneers in KIPOR” on March 12 to mobilize Party members and activists of party application to take part in forest planting.



In the beginning of the activity, Ding Shicai, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the research institute of Wuxi KIPOR Power Co., Ltd., made a speech. He pointed out that the Party committee of KIPOR carried out the 1st activity in 2018 on the Arbor Day. During this activity, every colleague and Party member would plant a tree by themselves, indicating that they would join hands, plant hope, keep watch together and jointly create an excellent future of KIPOR!



All Party members applauded for Secretary Ding’s speech. Then Zhao Pengju, a Party member representative and office director of KIPOR, made a speech. He showed that he was happy to take part in such a significant activity. It was not only a celebration for the Arbor Day, but also a successful holding of the party construction activity of KIPOR. We hope that more talents can join our family. And all Party members shall be encouraged to give play to their subjective initiative and carry out more similar activities.



Tree planting groups started work with tools. They dig holes, planted trees and filled earth. Weng Xiuyong, Director of Business Administration Office of KIPOR, who was also an old Party member of over 30 years, said that KIPOR has been always devoted to environmental protection and public benefit activities, which also mobilized staffs to focus on them. And everyone claimed a tree to make contributions to our city.


After common hard work, saplings stood still. We believe that under common care, vivifying scene will be seen.



Secretary Ding pointed out in his summary that Party members and cadres at all levels shall guide staffs, give play to exemplary and vanguard roles, perform solidification and bring new ideas and do real practice and solid work. He also stressed that we should keep “work and study are the greatest fun and analysis and innovation are the greatest enjoyment”in mind and fight shoulder to shoulder, letting KIPOR has more vitality and letting KIPOR green products go to the world.



As Secretary Ding said, KIPOR has paid high attention to planning and implementation of green and environmental protection work since establishment. Over the years, KIPOR has always persisted in high requirements on environmental protection and obtained good results in all kinds of work. KIPOR has actively responded to the calling of the government, strengthened routine maintenance and management of environmentally protective facilities and further intensified environmental protection and energy innovation.


Low Concentration Gas Power Generating Project of Southern District, Gujiaqiao Mining, Huainan Mining Group


The project in Gujiaqiao Mining, Fengtai County, Huainan, Anhui uses low concentration gas discharged by the mining area as fuel. KIPOR provided 6 sets of KC512—LM all automatic high and low concentration gas generators for it, with installed gross capacity of 6MW.




Jindongtai Biogas Plant Project of COFCO


The project in Jindongtai Biogas Plant in Dongtai, Jiangsu uses marsh gas of excrement from pig farm as fuel. KIPOR provided 1 set of KCHP512—B all automatic biogas cogeneration units, with installed gross capacity of 1MW.



Baichuan Changyin Suzhou Refuse Landfill Power Generating Project


The project in the refuse landfill in Suzhou, Anhui uses refuse landfill gas generated from landfill as fuel. KIPOR provided 1 set of KC512—L all automatic landfill gas generator units, with installed gross capacity of 1MW.



As it was said in this activity, KIPOR will never forget the original intention no matter in enterprise sense of mission or sense of social responsibility. Social development can't do without enterprises and enterprise development can't do without individuals. So with agglomeration of the group, we believe that KIPOR will have a better future!