Focusing on the exhibition︱Sticking to originality, KIPOR shows strength with science and technology

20 years mean 20 summers and winters, 7,300 days and 175,200 circles of hands of a clock.


To an enterprise, 20 years mean experience sediment of past time.At this Canton Fair, KIPOR came with new products and persisted in originality without losing original intention.


Digital generator sets: IG2000i IG2600i



Advantages of the 2 products:


1.Enhancing output power of generator sets through improving ventilating and heat-removal system and optimizing operational process of engine moving parts;

2.Replacing recoil manual start with button start, which is different from traditional ignition mode and starting process, making it easier and more convenient for start;

3.The new digital generator sets of KIPOR are equipped with remote start/stop modules, letting users conduct remote control on gensets easily without any manual operation. In an open space, users can conduct remote control with 90 feet;

4.The new digital generator sets are equipped with timer to show run time of generator sets;

5.New interior framework greatly reduced noise level of generator sets to 65dB@7m (full load) and 58dB@7m (no load). The new designing scheme also greatly reduced vibration of generator sets;

6.Improving protection on recoil start system and shell and installing metal lining around recoil starter, which reduces damage to plastic casing;

7.KIPOR adopts GFCI socket to replace the standard 20A socket, which is helpful to enhance safety performance;

8.Improving generator set framework, letting it be easy to start in atrocious weather.


Three-phase four-wire system generator set: ID38T
To meet requirements of users, KIPOR released three-phase four-wire system generator set on the foundation of its own leading digital technology and innovation.



Advantages of the generator set:

1. KD488, the classic diesel engine of KIPOR adopts direct-injected and in-line fuel system, outfits intelligently-controlled stepping motor operation and control system, has variable rotate speed and runs steadily;

2.It adopts self-designed permanent magnet multi-pole and multi-group winding structure, can provide strong power and is free from interference of wave form distortion caused by speed or output power variation;

3.It adopts SPWM pulse width modulation technology and can remain stable output voltage, smoothing and sine wave with less distortion.

4.High quality sine wave output is perfect for providing power for sensitive equipment like computers, TV sets and microprocessor controlled appliances, and is also suitable as a residential standby generator.

5.KIPOR applies an “Intelligent Energy Saving Mode” which will adjust engine speed according to the load requirement. It will reduce fuel consumption by up to 25%.


At the Canton Fair, KIPOR obeyed to the craftsmanship spirit and showed many high-quality new products with innovative designs. KIPOR has persisted in the way of globalization for 20 years with gradually-larger brand influence from China to the world. We firmly believe that KIPOR will step on a higher ladder and create more surprises in the industry. Let’s wait and see what happens.