KIPOR party committee commemorates the 97thanniversary of the founding of the CPC

To commemorate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition and style of work of the party and constantly enhance vitality and vigor of party member team, the party committee of KIPOR organized to hold the activity of “Welcoming July 1” of commemorating the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.



In the beginning of the activity, Ding Shicai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuxi KIPOR Power Co., Ltd. gave a theme speech of "Being brave enough to take responsibilities without forgetting original intention and advancing bravely for accelerating enterprise transformation", leading all party member to review the fine tradition of the party in the past 97 glorious years.


Ding Shicai pointed out that serving the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental purpose of the party and “customer first, contributors first” is the original intention of KIPOR. In accordance with the original intention, we can face all difficulties. The external business environment is complicated, we are faced with many challenges, so every party member should establish aim consciousness, not forget original intention, keep mission in mind, be enthusiastic and press on work, set up the general situation consciousness and meet the requirements of “3 responsibilities” in the new era, namely: firstly, making effort to reform and innovate, overcoming difficulties, doing real practice and solid work and enhancing historical responsibilities; secondly, doing one's duty well in his position and strengthening the responsibility of guarding his post; thirdly, remember the mission without forgetting the original intention and enhancing policital responsibilities of sharing concerns for the party, doing due diligence for the party and benefiting the people; in addition, Ding also pointed out that the party organizations should give full play to the role of combat fortress and promote the building and development of enterprises with solid and effective measures.



The link of reviewing the oath of admission to the party was led by Ding Shicai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuxi KIPOR Power Co., Ltd. All party members read out the oath of joining the Communist Party of China in face of the party flag with right hands up.



Ye Jianhua, an executive of KIPOR, showed that in the new age, facing the new situation of enterprise transformation, burden on party member cadres at all levels will be heavier. This activity has extraordinary significance. At the same time, Ye Jianhua also praised the party building activities in recent time. He hoped that everyone can make persistent efforts to complete party building work and advance bravely without forgetting original intention.



At the meeting, the activists of party membership gave speeches. They said that they had benefited a lot from the party construction activities and will stand on the overall situation, take their responsibilities and obligations forwardly, and actively play a role of pioneer exemplary.



Through this activity, each party member cadre was encouraged and said that they would be loyal to the party, have the courage to bring forth new ideas, well governing and prospering the enterprise without corruption, firmly establish political consciousness, overall situation consciousness and core consciousness, strengthen the enterprising spirit, improve business skills and promote the development of the enterprise constantly!