KIPOR to be in 2018 Internal Combustion Engine Conference

The 2018 World Internal Combustion Engine Conference & Exhibition will be held in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center from November 9 to November 11! The theme of this conference is “Green, Efficient, Innovation and Development”, aiming to promote the development direction of the world internal combustion engine industry and create engine history a new chapter. KIPOR Group will bring a large number of new products to our customers to showcase the next generation of innovative products and share the value of technological innovation with many partners!

Name: World Internal Combustion Engine Conference & Exhibition(WICE)
Time: November 9 to November 11, 2018
Address: Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center
Booth: 12, 13 in A3(228㎡)




The conference brought together famous experts and entrepreneurs from the domestic and international internal combustion engine industry, and will have a three-day theme report, invitation report and academic exchange. Mr. Xiao Henglin, the Honorary Chairperson of KIPOR, was invited to participate in the high-end forum with the theme as “energy saving and emission reduction”. He shared his experience with the industry's experts, and there will be more than 30 media reports from the central and provincial media.

Type: high-end forum
Theme: energy saving and emission reduction
Time: 15:00, November 9
Address: conference room on the 2nd floor of Worldhotel Grand Juna Wuxi
Participants: famous experts and entrepreneur representatives in the internal combustion engine industry




As an important part of this conference, the special sub-forum will be set up, and special lectures will be given by experts and scholars in the internal combustion engine industry. Mr. Ding Shicai, Vice President of Technology and Dean of the Research Institute of KIPOR Group, will give a wonderful speech at the Green Intelligent Ships Branch.

Type: theme lecture
Theme: Research on Key Technologies for Efficient Cleaning of High Power Gas Engines
Time: 15:00 to 15:30 on November 10
Address: Green Intelligent Ships Branch
Participants: professionals in the internal combustion engine industry


On the occasion of the grand conference, KIPOR sincerely invites vast clients at home and abroad to attend and negotiate. There is 1 day from the opening of the exhibition.