To all of our valued partners,

After more than 20 years of development, our company has gradually become an international company integrating scientific research, production and sales. At present, Kipor's business sector involves in many fields, such as small general purpose engines, medium & high power engines, marine engines, heavy duty engine’s matching, distributed energy, technology R&D, and consulting etc.

KIPOR is cracking down on fake and shoddy products all through to maximally defend the legitimate interests of customers. However, at present, there are individual resigned employees, some illegal manufacturers and their staff who use our company brand without authorization and permission by KIPOR, contact KIPOR partners in the name of KIPOR’s employees or KIPOR’s OEM factories, and misappropriate our product catalogues and pictures for false propaganda, or even in the name of the new "Cardiopulmonary Bypass New Company" established by Kipor, contact KIPOR customers, try to put illegal acts on the legal coat, mislead customers, which seriously infringe customers’ interests. KIPOR has taken legal action against the infringements.

Therefore, we solemnly declare that:

1. KIPOR has never authorized the Kipor brand to any entity or any individual for production and sales.

2. KIPOR brand does not have any OEM plant or outsourcing plant.

3.Any entity or individual who infringes on the trademark and brand of Kipor must immediately stop its illegal act. Otherwise, we will resort to law and pursue the legal liability of the infringer once it is found. Also we invite customers to identify authenticity, purchase products from formal channels, but also call us for complaints and advice. Thank you!


Reporting Telephone: 13814239412

Hereby declare!


Wuxi Kipor Power Co., Ltd.



Please refer to the as below, the case has now come to a close:


Wuxi Intermediate People’s Court, Jiangsu Province


Civil Judgment

Infringement of copyright, unfair competition disputes


(2009) Su 02 No.156 First instance of a civil case

Plaintiff: Wuxi Kipor Power Co., Ltd.

Located in: Beside Jingyi Rd,3rd Stage of Wangzhuang Industrial Kit Park, National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Wuxi, Jiangsu, China  P.C:214028

Legal Representative: Xiao Henglin, General Manager

Defendant: Wuxi Durable Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Located in: No.168, East Jiaoyang Road,Yangjian Town, Xishan Development Zone, Wuxi,Jiangsu,China  P.C:214107

Legal Representative: Liang Weiguo, General Manager 

To conclude, pursuant to Item (1) of Article 48 and Clause 2 of Article 49 of Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, Item (1) of Article 6 and Clause 4 of Article 17 of Law of the People’s Republic of China Against Competition by Inappropriate Means(2017 Revision),Article 142 of Civil Procedure of Law of the People’s Republic of China, hereby decide as follows:

  1. Wuxi Durable Power Technology Co., Ltd. shall stop the use of the involved RIG1000,RIG3000/6000,RDE12EA(3),RDE6500T(3),RDE7000STA(3)’s appearance decoration.
  2. Wuxi Durable Power Technology Co., Ltd. shall, within 10 days since the date when the judgment comes into effect, pay RMB100,000 Yuan(SAY RMB ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND ONLY) to Wuxi Kipor Power Co., Ltd. as compensation of economic loses and reasonable expenses.

Either party that refuses to accept this judgment as final may, within 15(fifteen) days after service of this judgment, appeal to Jiangsu Higher People’s Court by submitting an appeal petition to this court together with a sufficient number of copies for each party to have one.  


Presiding Judge: Lu Chao

Jury: Li Jun 

People’s Juror: Wang Xinxian 

October 8th,2019

Clerk: Li H