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In the R&D Dept., we have professional staff concentrating on breakthroughs in engine, alternator and control system. Constant emerging of new ideas makes the existing products more and more efficient, reliable, safe and environmental-friendly. We devote ourselves to the power solution with high performance, high efficiency and low emission.

Maximum efficiency

After years of R&D, KIPOR is continuously improving the power range of engines. Efficiency is enhanced while emission is reduced. By such green products, we are making positive efforts for environmental protection. Besides advanced technology, KIPOR products are featured with easy use and maintenance.

Leading data calculation

KIPOR never stops improving the performance of components and parts, collecting the performance data and make the data processing for debugging, enhancing the stability, extend maintenance cycle and economic benefits of our products.
Emulation technique shorten development period

From gas dynamic analysis to combustion research, we are developing new products with the help of computer emulation technique and testing bench to get more accurate data and shorten development period.
KIPOR keep taking deep research to ensure the increasingly complex products can meet the strictest quality standard and the diversity of market demand.