• Single/Twin Cylinder Engine


Advanced OHV Low fuel consumption
Lightweight and compact design Easy and fast starting
Stand up the hard work
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Small Size, Wide Application
KIPOR G series gasoline engine has an inclination of 15, which makes its dimension more compact than the standard vertical engine and easy for mounting on any power device.
Excellent Performance
Each engine of KG series can deliver non-fluctuating power for a long time. It features easy starter, low noise and small vibration.
Advanced OHV
OHV type improves the output, reduces the consumption and prolongs the service lift of engines. In addition, advanced combustion chamber and automatic lubrication system guarantee the high reliability of engines. It has reached USA EPA Tier 3 standard refer to the low noise and exhausts.
Convenient Starting System
Applying an auto-depression unit and recoil starter for a quick and easy starting.
Satisfying The Needs of Customers
Various PTO and speed ratios satisfy the different meets of applications, such as applications for mowers, water pumps, generators etc. A great quantity of accessories are optional.


The late-model general-purpose gasoline engine series are of single-cylinder, air-cooled, diagonal cylinder and 4-stroke, which apply OHV, aluminum alloy engine block, cylindercap, piston, connecting rob and alloy steel crankshaft, with the features of light weight, rational and compact structure, easy handling, as well as excellent performance and fashionable and attractive style. Gasoline engines of this series range from 3kW to 7.7kW, with rotation speed of 3000 r/min, 3600 r/min and displacement of 170ml, 205ml, 280ml, 400ml. The starting systems include recoil starting and electric starting.

Type Single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke, OHV, oblique cylinder
Bore×stroke 69 × 45 mm
Displacement 168.3 L
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Max. power/Max speed  kW/3000 r/min, 3.3 kW/3600 r/min
Max. torque/Related speed  9.7 N.m/2500 r/min
Min speed at zero load ≤1440 r/min
Lubricating system Splashed
Starting system Recoil starter
Ignition system T.C.I
Spark plug F6TC
Rotation direction (face to the output axle) Anticlockwise
Fuel type Automotive unleaded gasoline
Fuel tank capacity  3.6 L
The lowest fuel consumption  395 g/kW.h
Lube oil type CD grade or SAE10W-30, 15W-40
Lube oil capacity 0.6 L
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 305 × 355 × 345 mm
Dry weight 16.5 kg