• Single/Twin Cylinder Engine


Unique drive system Fuel system technology
Advanced noise-reduce design
  • Features
  • Specifications

Straight-line, Air-cooled, and Four-stroke

Straight-line cylinder body
Simple and compact structure of cylinder body, cylinder head, and crankshaft
Excellent characteristics at low speed torque
Low fuel consumption

Direct injection combustion chamber with P series nozzles not only boosts power but also reduces emissions and smoke.
Low exhaust emissions meet EPA II standard.
Low Vibration and Low Noise

KIPOR’s constant technical innovation achieves the target of superior vibration and noise reduction.
Low vibration and noise makes operators feel comfortable even after long hours of operation.
Easy Operation and Maintenance

Plunger fuel injection pump decreases unnecessary bulk.
Separation of cylinder liner and engine body facilitates maintenance.
Easy Start, Light Weight, and Small Size Dimension

Two kinds of easy starting system: recoil and electric
Lightweight alloys used for main engine parts
A small-sized engine body built for application in a strict environment
Wide Application Range

For gensets
For pump groups
For agricultural machinery

Useful option: application of recoil starter or electric starter depending on customer requirements
Impressive achievement: a combination mode of pressure and splash lubrication.