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V-twin cylinder and air cooled gasoline engine Steady and reliable performance
Easy maintenance Air cooling system gives you more convenience
Electric starter make starting more easily
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The V-type twin cylinder air-cooling gasoline engine is compact and lightweight, whose rigidity has been greatly enhanced.

It is featured by reliable and stable performance, easy dissembly, and maintenance. Pressurizer tank reduces intake noise.

Power output of front/rear crankshaft can meet various applications and demands.


The late-model general-purpose gasoline engine series are of double-cylinder, air-cooled, V type and 4-stroke, which apply OHV, aluminum alloy engine block, cylindercap, piston, connecting rob and alloy steel crankshaft, with the features of light weight, rational and compact structure, easy handling, as well as excellent performance and fashionable and attractive style. Gasoline engines of this series range from 3kW to 7.7kW, with rotation speed of 3000 r/min, 3600 r/min and displacement of 170ml, 205ml, 280ml, 400ml. The starting systems include recoil starting and electric starting.

Model KG690
Type Two-cylinder, V-twin, air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV
Bore×Stroke 78 × 72 mm
Displacement 0.688 L
Compression ratio 8.5:1
Rated power/ Rated speed 12 kw/3000 r/min, 14 kW/3600 r/min
Lowest rotation speed at zero load ≤1440 r/min
Lubricating system Pressure splashed
Starting system Electric starter
Rotation direction(face to the output axle) Anticlockwise
Fuel type Automotive unlead gasolin
The lowest fuel consumption 370 g/kW.h
Lube oil type CD grade or SAE 10W-30, 15W-40
Lube oil capacity 1.3 L
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 425 x 506 x 472 mm
Dry weight 51 kg(without silencer 46 kg)