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Cleaner, safer and quieter Robust and durable
Designed to be easily Transported Easy to use
Performance and reliability
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Cleaner, safer and quieter

waterproof canopy ensures protection against ingress of dust and water. All KIPOR generators meet or exceed relevant standards for noise and emission legislation.

Robust and durable

Compact, robust and flexible structures ensure long service life and quiet operation.
Thicker paint treatments stand the wear and tear in extreme environmental conditions.

Designed to be easily Transported

Lifting hook provision and forklift access is standard on all units.
Lifting point and forklift access is standard on all units. Compact proportions minimize transportation costs.

Easy to use

Control panel is simple and easy to operate.
Built in monitoring of unit’s performance ensures high level of information on the status of the generator.

Performance and reliability

Kipor alternators are used in the whole range.
Extensive test and development ensures that the unit will live up to the task.
A range of industry recognized engines are used to ensure the best power source for the size of generator is used.


Two or more generators can be paralleled together with no limitation on model or output. Appropriate power capacity and the number of paralleled units can be selected to meet different load requirements.

The improved AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) limits voltage fluctuation to a very low level and ensures smooth and stable output. Additionally, the AVR features built-in overload protection and will automatically shut off the output at 110% of rated load.

Generator set  
Rated frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Prime power 50 Hz: 49.6 kW (62 kVA) or 60 Hz: 60 kW (75 kVA)
Standby power 50 Hz: 52.8 kW (66 kVA) or 60 Hz: 64 kW (80 kVA)
Rated voltage 400/230 V or 416/240 V
Rated current 89.5 A or 104 A
Rated rotation speed 1500 r/min or 1800 r/min
Engine type KD6105G
Structure type 6-cylinder, in-lined, 4-stroke, water-cooled, direct-injected
Bore x stroke 105 x 125 mm
Displacement 6.494 L
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Fuel type Engine fuel consumption: 0#(summer), -10#(winter), -35#(cold)
Nosie level (7m) 53 dB(A) or 57 dB (A)
Fuel tank capacity 110 L
Overall dimensions 2700 x 1140 x 1500 mm
Net weight 1650 kg