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Robust and durable Delivering the power you need
Performance and reliability Compact and durable
Easy to use
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Robust and durable
Extra-large cooling pack provides excellent cooling capacity critical to trouble free operation.
Delivering the power you need
Powerful, mobile, multi-purpose, and durable.
Performance and reliability
KIPOR ensures optimum power.
Extensive testing confirms reliability.
All generators reach or exceed noise and emission regulation.
Compact and durable
A compact, solid and flexible structure leads to a long service life and quiet operation.
Easy to use
The generator is designed to be user friendly and easy to maintain.


We have compelling reasons to provide you with KIPOR emergency standby generators and we have more reasons to provide KIPOR prime and continuous power generators for those who need the power but can't find the right power equipment.

Silent generators with standard or optional configurations will meet any of your output needs. These quiet generator sets will guarantee a reliable power supply in factories, ports, field operations andcommercial buildings.

Generator set  
Rated frequency                                                        50 Hz or 60 Hz
Prime power 50 Hz: 250 kW (310 kVA) 60 Hz: 260 kW (325 kVA)
Standby power 50 Hz: 275 kW (345 kVA) 60 Hz: 285 kW (355 kVA)
Rated voltage 400/230 V or 416/240 V
Rated rotation speed 1500 r/min or 1800 r/min
Engine manufacturer KIPOR
Engine type KD6121ZLCR
Structure type 6-cylinder, common rail, water-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve
turbocharging intercooled, OHC
Bore x stroke 121 x 138 mm
Displacement 9.52 L
Compression ratio 17.5:1