The economic activity is the usage of natural environment. Therefore, the sustainable usage of natural recourses and sustainable development is the obligation of all enterprises.
In the past few years, KIPOR applied numbers of advanced technology to improve efficiency, reduce emission, save resources and protect environment. We are glad to make some achievements and we know we have a long way to go.
Sustainable power solution

We make electricity and heat by using biogas and other renewable energy sources. We focus on sustainable development and blend eco-friendly concept into our products. KIPOR is contributing its efforts to sustainable development both in concept and action.
High quality high efficiency

Superior quality means the efficient utilization of materials and high efficiency means the economical use of resources. Our products provide customers with not only highest economic benefit but also the maximum usage rate of resources.
Environmental management system certification

We introduce Environmental Management System to enhance the performance of environmental protection and sustainable development in business operations, thus, sustainable development is becoming a common concept of each KIPOR member.
We believe innovation leads the future power.