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Sufficient and efficient power with KIPOR’s legendary engine Applicability to a large quantity of different farm tools
Easy turning, comfortable use, and more safety Excellent tilling performance, impressive economic benefits
The ultimate balance resulting in toilless operation
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The Battlefield
Kipor tillers have been designed and tested to combat all terrains, soil conditions, and in all weather conditions. This includes parched dry land, land under water, unbroken scrub land previously supporting other crops, stone laden soil and heavy clay.
The Target Object
To transform all bare and unused land into lush fields of quality crops ready to harvest.
To make the world self-sufficient in crop production in the 21st century.
To bring joy to the face and profit to the pocket of every small farmer.
To achieve these goals using the revolutionary agricultural land management system from KIPOR.
The Revolutionary Hero
Traditionally all major battles have produced heroes and the battle of the farmland is no exception. Today, frontline assault troops are the Kipor tilling managers. All these have proven to be heroes particularly when reinforced with the ground support troops.
Ground Support Troops
Just 10 of the 24 specialist combinations available enable the farmer to tackle most of the tasks of agriculture land management. It is not necessary to have any professional skills. By following the manual and a little practice, you can easily assemble and disassemble the KIPOR tilling managers. It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble any farming tool.
Easy and Comfortable To Use
KIPOR tillers are known for their ease of operation. User friendly features include:
Auxiliary silent gear shifts during operation
Steering clutch shifting device ensures operator safety
Flexible handles feature 180° range of motion and up/down regulation with three gears.


KIPOR tillers are designed to make tough jobs easy. With our legendary engines, KIPOR tillers are of high quality construction and offer good performance. KIPOR tillers are extremely versatile due to the wide assortment of optional equipment and tools for mowing, furrowing, ditching, ridging, etc. If you are a commercial landscaper or farmer, a KIPOR tiller is your best choice paying for itself based on fuel and oil savings.

Overall dimension 1550 x 617 x 930 mm
Weight 63 kg
Lube oil brand 85W-90
Type Standard(6-gear)
Type GK170S1
Rated power/rotation speed 3.3/1800 kw/rpm
Fuel type SF 15W-40
Starter system Recoil starter
Speed list
  Unit:  m/min
Handle   Forward 1 13.7
 Forward 2 21.5
 Forward 3 68.7
 Forward 4 107.7
 Backward 1 13
 Backward 2 21.5
Handle(reverse)  Forward 1 13
 Forward 2 21.5
 Forward 3 65.1
 Forward 4 107.7
 Backward 1 13.7
 Backward 2 21.5