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Rieliablity Fuel Efficient and Quiet
Easy to Start Full Frame Protection
Long Running, Fuel Thrifty Diesels Durable Construction
Easy Maintenance
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Our technology absolutely sets the standard for reliability. That is why working professionals generally prefer KIPOR equipment. There is virtually no downtime and longevity is unsurpassed.
Fuel Efficient and Quiet
Our engines are remarkably fuel efficient and quiet. This counts for a lot on any job site.
Easy to Start
The KIPOR engines on the pumps are easy to start and easy to use. The engines are perfectly matched to the pumps and are engineered for quality and precision.
Full Frame Protection
The pumps are enclosed in a full frame to provide ultimate protection and are engineered to minimize vibration.
Durable Construction
The principal parts of each pump are reinforced for superior wear resistance. The trash pumps are further strengthened by adding liners to the inner casings.
Easy Maintenance
Cleaning the inside of the casing can be done simply by just removing a few bolts. With trash pumps, the casing cover and the inner casing come in one block, so separation and fitting is very easy.


For those applications where large solids and other debris are encountered, KIPOR offers a line of trash pumps designed to smoothly and safely handles that material. Deep impeller vanes and a large diameter discharge opening can pass suspended twigs, stones, and other solids without clogging the pump or harming its internal components. Designed to be user friendly, these self-priming pumps remain serviceable under the harshest conditions.

Type Gasoline pump
Water inlet pipe nominal diameter 100 mm(4")
Water outlet pipe nominal diameter 100 mm(4")
Rated capacity 50 m³/h
Rated total head 12 m
Max. suction head 8.0 m
Self-priming time 180 s/4m
Rotation speed 3600 r/min
Fuel type Automotive unleaded gasoline
Starter system Recoil starter
Noise(zero load to full load)(1 m) 74 dB(A)
Net weight 79 kg
Gross weight 87 kg
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 725 x 570 x 595 mm
Model GK400P1
Type Single cylinder, four-stroke, oblique cylinder, OHV
Bore x stroke 89 x 64 mm
Displacement 398.1 cm³
Max. power  7.7 kW/ (3600 r/min)
Cooling system Air cooled
lgnition system T.C.I