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One unit, dual function Simultaneous use
Perfect welding Excellent electricity
Easy maneuver electricity Wide application
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One unit, dual function
KIPOR original technology has been utilized to develop and advanced product with dual functions- welding and power generation.
Simultaneous use
Generating and welding can be performed simultaneously. The welding operation won't impact the waveform and voltage of the generator.
Perfect welding
The unit can achieve a perfect waveform of the welding voltage by utilizing IGBT and PWM technology. The non-fluctuating welding current produces a high quality welding operation.
Excellent electricity
A new AVR (automatic voltage regulator) and damper winding further enhance the electricity production with extremely low voltage fluctuation and minimum waveform distortion.
Easy maneuver electricity
A lightweight and compact design improves on-site maneuverability and saves storage space. It has four durable casters to facilitate movement.
Wide application
The welding arc is super smooth to get perfect quality welds. The welding current regulation is broad to accommodate a variety of welding rods.


KIPOR portable welding generator series is a dual use unit featuring welding and power generation. Power ranges from 2 to 10 kVA. Welding current ranges from 160 to 450A.

This generator set is developed upon KIPOR’s latest technology built upon KIPOR’s 10 year history of manufacturing welders/generators.

The power supply for welding is self-driven. It can be used in a host of applications- railroading, highway construction, port operations, oil fields, chemical plants, building construction, agriculture and many more. Self-excitation and constant voltage enhance the generator performance.

The lightweight and compact design facilitates on-site maneuverability and saves storage space.

Generator set  
Rated frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Rated power 50 Hz: 3.0 kW 60 Hz: 3.0 kW
Rated voltage 230 V or 120/240 V
Rated welding voltage 26.8 V
Rated welding current 170 A
Welding continuous load ratio 50%
Welding current adjustment range 30-185 A
Electrode diameter 2.0-4.0 mm
Model KG390GETi
Displacment 0.389 L
Starting system 12V Electric system
Fuel tank capacity 14.5 L
Noise (7m) 65(unload)-75(full load) dB(A)
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 810 x 570 x 695 mm
Net weight 105 kg